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Corporate Social Responsibility

Operating as an ethical supplier of building and maintenance services.

We fully recognise our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) duties and the potential to create social value arising from building and maintenance activities for:-

  • our customers;
  • our workforce;
  • the environment;
  • the communities in which we work;
  • other stakeholders to these projects.

For these reasons, we consider the environmental, economic and social consequences in our business decision making and then seek to achieve positive outcomes from these challenges.

Social Value

WE STRIVE to put in place activities and measures that meet our commitment to our workforce, enhancing the skill legacy of our apprentices and the wider community benefits arising from our building and maintenance works.

In these circumstances, we have:-

  • Invested heavily in our Environmental Management Systems, waste recycling procedures and our vehicle fleet modernisation to Euro5 standards.
  • Developed our workforce by recruiting local young people through our apprentice programme and thereby supporting new entries to the construction industry from the districts in which we operate;
  • Created community based links and activities that strengthen the affinity of our workforce with the communities and neighbourhoods in which we work.

Structec will be continuing with its CSR commitments as well as exploring new ways to achieve social value gains over and above apprentice and recruiting local labour.


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