April 2019

Structec expanding its vehicle fleet

Structec has recently purchased a total of 15 new transit vehicles to bolster its existing fleet. This investment was made in order to deliver increased efficiency in the operation of ongoing and future works. Extra resources were deemed necessary in order for Structec to honour its existing contracts with clients and cope with the increased workload following the recent renewal of several major contracts.

These brand new vehicles will deliver not only practical efficiency, but also better fuel economy than older vans, several of which have been disposed of and replaced. This, along with newer and more eco-friendly technology, is helping to reduce Structec’s carbon footprint in line with the commitments of our environmental policies and ISO14001 accreditation.

Geoff Davies, Quality & Performance Manager, commented: “This period of expansion is extremely positive for the company and we hope it will continue to grow and prosper, whilst continuing to meet our environmental targets of reducing our carbon emissions.”